Welcome to the home of the best beef jerky on the market!!! Our goal is to produce the highest quality, best tasting, affordable jerky that you are able to purchase right from your home; creating a loyal base of customers that will continue to come back to our store to purchase their jerky for camping trips, hikes, fishing trips, hunts, road trips and snacks. We're outdoor enthusiasts ourselves so we know how important it is to have good quality jerky with you at all times. This jerky is so mouth watering and delicious you better hide it from your friends!

Our jerky is made fresh to order each time and the baseline ingredients are teriyaki sauce, soy sauce and black pepper. We have four delicious flavors currently available: Inferno, Hickory, Sweet/Spicy and Garlic/Pepper. Orders for one, 1/2 lb bag of Lando Jerky ship via USPS First Class which generally takes 3-5 days. Orders for 1 lb or more are discounted and shipped via Priority Mail with no upcharge so you can receive your jerky even faster!!! I have been making jerky for years and it's become a hobby and passion of mine. All of my friends and coworkers love my jerky so much that I decided to sell it at work. Since that went so well I now have my jerky available to purchase on ebay, www.landojerky.com and Chicagland farmer's markets! Please let us know if you have any questions. Purchase with confidence as we have 100% positive feedback! Available weights are for ALL NATURAL jerky AFTER it has been cooked, not the pre-cooked weight.  Feel free to mix and match flavors or purchase a Jerky of the Month club for yourself or relative. 

The jerky making process:
1) We purchase high quality USDA choice grade angus from my local meat market and have the meat thinly sliced to produce great quality, tender, easy to chew jerky
2) The butcher marinates the meat in high quality seasonings with a vacuum tumbler to infuse the flavors and pull the marinade directly into the muscle fibers
3) The jerky is smoked in a commerical smoker for over 6 hours  
4) After the meat has cooled, the jerky is vacuum sealed to ensure it stays fresh during shipping and weeks to come
5) This process can take 3-5 days depending on when I last purchased meat which I usually do on a weekly basis

Thank you for visiting!